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Junk4Joy freephone


Junk4Joy team

Everything you need to know about us!

What do you do? Junk4Joy is a licensed waste disposal and recycling service operating across Wales and the West Country. Find out more »
What type of waste do you remove? Junk4Joy is licensed to remove all forms of domestic and commercial waste including:
Furniture - sofa, sofa-bed, mattress, armchair, cupboard, filing cabinets
Appliances - fridge, freezer, washer dryer, computer, stereo, printer, TV, fax machine
Cellar, loft & garage - boxes, books, kitchenware, tools, clothes, fireplace, lawn mower
Garden refuse - branches, grass, leaves, soil, dirt, sod, compost, turf
Wood - fencing, firewood, lumber, plywood, shed, gate
Construction/ demolition - plaster, drywall, broken patio, pallet, crate, glass, concrete
Roofing / Flooring - tiles, asphalt, carpet, wood, flooring

We can also remove Hazardous Materials, including paint or paint cans full of paint, noxious chemicals, solvents, motor oils, petrol cans, gas bottles, old tyres, asbestos, vehicle batteries, medical or biological waste (including faeces), or any toxic substances. But please call us before hand for further details.

Are you licensed to do this work? Junk4Joy is licensed by the Environment Agency to carry waste and also by the Department of Transport to operate heavy goods vehicles.
Are you insured to do this work? Junk4Joy is insured to carry out all collection and disposal requirements for our customers. We are also insured for accidental damage to a client's property.
How do you charge? Junk4Joy charge by volume (ie. how much of our truck is taken up with your junk). However if your material is particularly heavy (eg. concrete) we charge based on weight. Please see our prices section for further information Find out more »
Why can't you give me an exact price over the phone? It is difficult to give an exact price prior to seeing your waste as prices are worked out on the amount, type and weight of your waste. We endeavour to give you an accurate rough price for our services prior to arrival at your home or place of work.
How much notice do you require? Junk4Joy is proud to offer an efficient response time and see time management as an essential part of our operation. If possible we would like a minimum of a days notice but if its urgent we will always try and find some time to fit you into our daily schedule.
Do I have to be at the property to have the job done?
It is not always essential for you to be at the property for us to carry out the work. Provided we can access the junk from the road and we have your card details beforehand, we will call you once on site with an exact quote and then process your card payment remotely on completion. For account customers please contact us for further information.
How big is your truck? The container at the back of each our trucks has the same volume of 13.5 cubic yards. This is about the same space as 2 1/4 domestic skips (which are 6 cubic yards). Although the container is always the same size, different trucks have different weight loading capacities. Some can carry only around 1 tonne of junk but others can carry up to 3 tonnes - ideal for a large mound of rubble!
What is a cubic yard? A cubic yard is three feet high by three feet wide by three feet deep, or 27 cubic feet.
Will you leave any mess on our premises? We'll try our utmost not to! To minimise the chance of dirtying the inside of your property, as well as using dust sheets, our drivers always wear clean uniforms and, for really rainy days, use plastic shoe covers to avoid traipsing mud around the house. Often our trucks come fitted with onboard hand washing facilities so our drivers can wash their hands between jobs and we always sweep up thoroughly at the end of the job. In the unlikely event that we do damage your property when removing junk, rest assured we are fully insured and we will arrange for any repairs immediately.
What do you do with the junk? Junk4Joy recycle all waste at its recycling depots across South Wales. We endeavour to reuse and recycle over 90% of all transferred waste. Find out more »
Where do you operate? Junk4Joy can collect junk anywhere across south Wales and the west country. For more information please see our service coverage section of the website.
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